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The caller is a guy who works for a fake tech support company. I stupidly gave him remote access to my computer to fix something and he stole pics from my computer and calls constantly to say how much he likes my pics. Did you call tech support? This is probably why its happening.
This is a guy in his 40's from Carlsbad, Ca (goes by "True Lancer" on facebook) posing as a 23 year old woman answering personal classifieds.
Saying they are irs
Absolute nusance. Frequent calls, sometimes one after the other.
i got it
I have got $9000 plus my $250. People don't be scare this is real but i feel sorry for those who reject this offer, it was once in a lifetime i'm happy thst i'm the lucky girl who recieved this $9000.
More scum of the planet...scam artist trying to use scare tactics over voicemails with absolutely no information given regarding this “extreme time sensitive issue”. These shit stains are nothing but scam artists. I called back just to have fun with them and when they answer I heard silence. I then heard rustling in the background almost as if they were trying to decide who would talk. Finally a man (and I use that term loosely for this piece of shit) answered finally after me saying “hello” four times. He asked “can I help you?” and I said “no you can’t help me....what you can do is stop calling my number with your scam artist bullshit and find a real fucking job!” Needless to say he had no response and quickly hung up on me. So just for shits and giggles...I decided to call back and spoke with a young man named Jeffrey who just kept telling me to “be blessed” and “God be with you”. LMAO hypocritical piece of shit stealing from people and then telling me to be blessed!? If you get a phone call from this number don’t worry. It’s bullshit in the most rawest form. If you want to answer it and have fun and tell him to fucking eat a dick.... do that too! It’s a scam 100%.
It's spam for a a discount vacation resort.
I believe it is one of those phone number reseller. Once they identify your working number they sell it to someone. It rang for times and didn't leave a message. They use a local area code to make it look like it is someone you may know.
Got a call from this number but I did not complete the call because I got a bad feeling about it. I would suggest any one receiving a call from this number to file a complaint. IT IS A SCAM. I HAVE NOTIFIED THE LOCAL LAW .
I got this call from this number from last week and I picked up yesterday. It's jack Foster he asked me to security deposit $250 into his account so that he can send me $9000 via a credit card. I did not do it cause I was at work but I had some kind if vibes that I should check this number . Thank god I did not give him no money or else I would have suffered heart attack. It has to stop this people find random number their addresses and call you. It's very risky.
Called from a payphone collect asking for Mary
She is my cousin
Harassing calls
hi do you know who this is
scientology cult
scientology cult and scam.
No report, trying to locate person who called.
robo caller scam
Who is it
I would like to know who this number belongs to.
I'm getting attachments by email and don't recognize this number so am afraid to open them. chigoe
I think he changed his number i just need help finding him
The guy who owned this number did bad things to me
Church of Scientology scam cult
I get a calll from this number almost daily. I wish they would stop calling me. I'm not sure who's calling this why I do not answer the call. They never leave a message.
They keep calling and hanging up after saying my name
Sewell Buick in Dallas
a girl named gabrielle lives in delray beach
It is a IT Recruiting Company. No harm seen or done.
This caller is making harassing calls to Family Christian Stores.
SPAM,...don't bother answering or calling back
This person is threatening me
received call. no message.
Scam caller, telling you that you won a free tablet
keeps calling and no message
I got a call from this 509-361-5084.. I answered, and they hung up. I tried to call the number back, & they hung up again.
hi gavin
We have received multiple attempts from this number today. I will ignore it from now on.
Calls at least 5-7x a week. Clearly a fax. This is a business and becoming increasingly frustrating. Is there anyway to block a call on a landline?
lady is calling and saying you called me and asking for details like what is your name etc.
send me a spam fax to my land line, I dont know who these guys are or how they got my number.
we met in macon, ga
received a call on my cell phone and when i picked up they hung up
trying to sell investments under the guise of "great deal for you and your company" -- NOT!
im the person who owns it
Whose number is this
Called me to verify my number but would not tell me who they were calling for, except that it was a third party company. Said they would have the company call me if I preferred. Of course I do.
Yes someone from this number keeps calling me and will not say anything. And when I call the number back it just goes to voice mail. I am so upset about this I wish they would stop calling my phone
They are saying it's IRS and they are issuing a warrant
whats up
Calls received daily. I do not answer.
Since the # is not on my caller I.E. I don\\\\\\\'t answer it, but I wish they would stop.
I got a bill in the mail with this phone number. I tried calling and there was an automated message.
who are you trying to call??
who is it
This caller sent an offensive picture to my phone in the form of a text. They also wrote the message,"Stay awake"
Never answered
They Called me 9:10pm I tried calling back and it says the number isn't in service?
no comment
Repeatedly calling me.
Repeatedly calling me.
no. i want to know WHO it is
I received 8 calls from this number today and they said they were from the United States Treasury and they wanted to send me $. I said I think you are a scam and I was reporting them and they have not called back since.
they will not stop calling me. when I answer they don't say a thing and I hang up and they call right back. this has happened like 6 times today
Came up on my cell as Cushman Wakefield. Have no idea who that is.
I'm being harassed from this number, they are looking for someone, I keep telling them they have the wrong number and they will not stop contacting me. They refuse to tell me who they are or what company they work for.
They are harassing me! And I have a number on the Federal Do Not Call LIST
Caller did not leave a message on my answering machine.
Did not leave a message on my answering machine
Help me
Kept calling my 79 year old mother with his romantic intentions. AKA Sweetheart scammer.
never call me
called me claiming that they were the IRS
He is p&mping girls
Know name of caller
Nice guy...offered to help me ...when I really needed it