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Received the same text at 7:19 pm Eastern I did not respond
Me too. I received this call at 8:19pm Eastern. Suspect fraud right off the bat. Notice the originating number will be part of your cell phones number. I just had my credit card used for a bunch of charges that I didn't make, best yet I was out of state when it happened. Probably the same crooks that stole my numbers. I'll add it to the police report just in case. BTW is a printing business so there is no way Well's Fargo is going to be using their domain for their text. Kind of the dead give away it was bogus plus this is not the method I set up to be contacted.
Yes, mine said from
everyone call it from Skype
Just got a text that said "([WF-Bank]) ImportantMessage.Call:(678)254-0793" I didnt call back. I deleted it! Scammers I'm sure!
Got it as a text from I do not call numbers I don't know so I deleted.
Got one of the same at 7:19 also
I just recd same msg too at 7:19 pm eastern time: ([WF-Bank]) ImportantMessage.Call:(678)254-0793"
Got it too, didnt call
they must be on a the same one... "([WF-Bank]) ImportantMessage.Call:(678)254-0793"
I got the same call from 678672@envision-ink pretending to be my bank asking me to call this number which was a recording asking for my ss#, card # and pin #. Thankfully I hung up and called my bank. It's a scammer. Don't go for their trap.
just got a text from this number asking for ss and card number
Same here ... did everyone see that it came from or just mine?
They will ask for your ss#
Just got that text now, pretending to be my bank.
Was pretending to be my bank. They have never texted me before...
same here..text stated "important message" call...yeah right
Me too, a moment ago. Gotta be a piece of crap spammer/Scammer.
Just got this number to call via text
Got the same text just now
was told to call

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