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I covered everything in the top part of the scam but the Part when you go back home and they said it'll only be within the hour just cause you don't receive it and then they say something wrong ulery send money for you didn't do something right and that's why but they don't ever send money.
Person try to get you to get a moneypak green dot card. read the back of the green dot card it says do not give the number to anybody its just like giving him cash If they ask its a you lose money no loan for you scam or Western Union where they have not to verify your funds but when they check it as is called taking your winning numbers. While your on the phone they are taking your money. You can verify green dot card you don't give them the numbers you tell them you will take a picture of the receipt with the date and amount then give a partial picture of the card but without even half numbers and tell you will fax or email the verification you said you need to verify. since verification means you just have to physically see proof of not handling or grasping of they should be fine with that since Thier not take any money anyways you don't have to worry about having them lose it. They get mad and want your code then ask them why all you wanted hxc the cable man and payment verification payment does not get with you then is this Is a scam in my opinion. notice They haven't really asked you for any signature or too cover over parts of the contracted they copy pasted in the gated on a little junk email for you to see and think its really a loan document girl she lovely that you can a great day. From you on you gotta get it verification of somebody else's copy it. in a call you from Jersey in the frame magic jack which is pretty much for sure and then they have a phone line in Texas where they have the other friends are skinny as well and they just called a voicemail listen to the messages and call you back from Jersey and they act like they just got messege from the office and so called you back. also pay attention to the background noise how often have you went to the bank in you heard a lot of phone calls and all say the speech like your listen to telemarketers or time sales rep.

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