Missed call
Text weird messages
Annoying calls
This is no longer a business number, it is my personal cell number
i got it
I think someone is impersonating someone on a dating site. He called me with an out of country accent. ..
Pervert won't stop texting me
Who number is this
First call from this number
Called approx. 6:30(est). Didn't leave a message. No clue who it is.
I got the same email.... Anybody get any info on this person? I tried searching online for the company and his name but didn't find any info
they will not stop calling me. when I answer they don't say a thing and I hang up and they call right back. this has happened like 6 times today
I'm being harassed from this number, they are looking for someone, I keep telling them they have the wrong number and they will not stop contacting me. They refuse to tell me who they are or what company they work for.
Whoever this is needs to stop calling my number, it is annoying at best .
I got email back from craigslist regarding an assistant opening. They are trying to send me 2000 dollars
Looking up
continues to call nerve wracking!!!!!!
Who owns this number