Who is this
Disgruntle person
Pervert won't stop texting me
Got a call from this number but I did not complete the call because I got a bad feeling about it. I would suggest any one receiving a call from this number to file a complaint. IT IS A SCAM. I HAVE NOTIFIED THE LOCAL LAW .
Called approx. 6:30(est). Didn't leave a message. No clue who it is.
Any one find any info?
i got it
who is this
who is this
Yes someone from this number keeps calling me and will not say anything. And when I call the number back it just goes to voice mail. I am so upset about this I wish they would stop calling my phone
They text me like I know them
Came up on my cell as Cushman Wakefield. Have no idea who that is.
who is this
2 calls no message
They called about a federal offense if I don't call back...not sure what this is all about or is it a scam???
I also got the same response
Who does this belong to