tracking the number
they will not stop calling me. when I answer they don't say a thing and I hang up and they call right back. this has happened like 6 times today
Got a call from this number but I did not complete the call because I got a bad feeling about it. I would suggest any one receiving a call from this number to file a complaint. IT IS A SCAM. I HAVE NOTIFIED THE LOCAL LAW .
$6700 Federal Grant western unioned in 2 payments to stores that only recieve payouts at $300. And they want you to pay them $250.
You just gotta reply and reply, keep them busy, waste there time as they did ours
who owns this phone number
"Do you want some pizza?" "My name is Alyssa" *hangs up*
Good guy
I found this guy on CraigsList. He is using 213-342-4221 now. Same M.O.
First call from this number
Hang ups
Someone called me from this phone. No answer.
Looking for owner
I think someone is impersonating someone on a dating site. He called me with an out of country accent. ..
I got the same exact email message after applying for a personal assistant job on craigslist.
who is this
Want to no if number is legitimate
Who does this belong to