They called about a federal offense if I don't call back...not sure what this is all about or is it a scam???
I received two calls early this morning, one right after the other. No message was left. It is very annoying to get calls from numbers you do not know and they never leave a message.
I'm being harassed from this number, they are looking for someone, I keep telling them they have the wrong number and they will not stop contacting me. They refuse to tell me who they are or what company they work for.
Who's this
Old friend
Someone called me from this phone. No answer.
I got the same exact email message after applying for a personal assistant job on craigslist.
this is not my number but is showing up when I call people, why?
Called approx. 6:30(est). Didn't leave a message. No clue who it is.
Called from a payphone collect asking for Mary
who is this
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who owns this phone number
Disgruntle person
tracking the number
Hey it's Austin
Text weird messages
Whoever is calling from this number does not leave a voicemail which is the first clue it is a robo number or a solicitation call.