$6700 Federal Grant western unioned in 2 payments to stores that only recieve payouts at $300. And they want you to pay them $250.
who is this
Sewell Buick in Dallas
Who is this
Who us this
twice yesterday
i got a really long email in response to applying for a Personal assistant job and this number was left at the bottom. trying to figure out if it is a real person
who is it
I have got $9000 plus my $250. People don't be scare this is real but i feel sorry for those who reject this offer, it was once in a lifetime i'm happy thst i'm the lucky girl who recieved this $9000.
I also got the same response
Micheal V.
Just seeing who is calling me
received a call on my cell phone and when i picked up they hung up
He won't stop texting me either.
This is ridiculous.. It's a scam. He sent me a check for almost $2,000 and I asked him if there was any way if I can verify who he is because I was concerned, and he got an attitude telling me to either deposit the check into my account or send it back. Piece of ****.
tracking the number
I just started talking to this guy and he says its his companys phone
seems to be a spammer