who is this
i got it
Keeps calling,,, but says No such number
This guy is awesome.
Wow! I just went through this with M.J. Pline 323-366-9933. This person sent me a check for $2895 it was counterfeit.
Looking up
Who us this
Text weird messages
Whose number is this
Whoever is calling from this number does not leave a voicemail which is the first clue it is a robo number or a solicitation call.
One call so far.
First call from this number
I got that same email just yesterday.
Looking for owner
$6700 Federal Grant western unioned in 2 payments to stores that only recieve payouts at $300. And they want you to pay them $250.
Did you get a craigslist response from his number? I did too and trying to see if ts a legit response.