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Called my cell number on 10-16-2015@12p.m. about credit etc. I couldn't make out what the prerecorded message was saying. Clearly it is a scam call as I'm so use to getting these type of phone calls.
Pervert won't stop texting me
i got a really long email in response to applying for a Personal assistant job and this number was left at the bottom. trying to figure out if it is a real person
Who does this belong to
2 calls no message
I think someone is impersonating someone on a dating site. He called me with an out of country accent. ..
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Old friend
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this is not my number but is showing up when I call people, why?
Got a call from this number but I did not complete the call because I got a bad feeling about it. I would suggest any one receiving a call from this number to file a complaint. IT IS A SCAM. I HAVE NOTIFIED THE LOCAL LAW .
Who's this
Hey it's Austin
Text weird messages
Whoever this is needs to stop calling my number, it is annoying at best .
Called from a payphone collect asking for Mary