Received calls
Fake T-Mobile spam bot-phishing scam. "Lucky customer, credit on next bill, click link to claim."
How us it
$6700 Federal Grant western unioned in 2 payments to stores that only recieve payouts at $300. And they want you to pay them $250.
Unrecognized phone number.
Hey it's Austin
This is ridiculous.. It's a scam. He sent me a check for almost $2,000 and I asked him if there was any way if I can verify who he is because I was concerned, and he got an attitude telling me to either deposit the check into my account or send it back. Piece of ****.
who is this
seems to be a spammer
Hang ups
Annoying calls
Missed call
Who us this
Who number is this
Whose number is this
You just gotta reply and reply, keep them busy, waste there time as they did ours
Did you get a craigslist response from his number? I did too and trying to see if ts a legit response.