This is no longer a business number, it is my personal cell number
Disgruntle person
Who are these folks
I got that same email just yesterday.
Called from a payphone collect asking for Mary
Calls and hangs up
who owns this phone number
Wow! I just went through this with M.J. Pline 323-366-9933. This person sent me a check for $2895 it was counterfeit.
"Do you want some pizza?" "My name is Alyssa" *hangs up*
twice yesterday
First call from this number
received a call on my cell phone and when i picked up they hung up
Someone called me from this phone. No answer.
who is this
I received 8 calls from this number today and they said they were from the United States Treasury and they wanted to send me $. I said I think you are a scam and I was reporting them and they have not called back since.
continues to call nerve wracking!!!!!!
called me claiming that they were the IRS
I got this call from this number from last week and I picked up yesterday. It's jack Foster he asked me to security deposit $250 into his account so that he can send me $9000 via a credit card. I did not do it cause I was at work but I had some kind if vibes that I should check this number . Thank god I did not give him no money or else I would have suffered heart attack. It has to stop this people find random number their addresses and call you. It's very risky.