continues to call nerve wracking!!!!!!
Came up on my cell as Cushman Wakefield. Have no idea who that is.
Who us this
Old friend
Who is this
Sewell Buick in Dallas
You just gotta reply and reply, keep them busy, waste there time as they did ours
Wow! I just went through this with M.J. Pline 323-366-9933. This person sent me a check for $2895 it was counterfeit.
Whose number is this
Consistently receive calls from them and this time I heard a woman who could barely speak trying to leave a message. This goes on 2 to 3 times each day.
Disgruntle person
I received the same exact email, what an idiot.
I think someone is impersonating someone on a dating site. He called me with an out of country accent. ..
Hey it's Austin
I got the same email.... Anybody get any info on this person? I tried searching online for the company and his name but didn't find any info
I got that same email just yesterday.
who is it