$6700 Federal Grant western unioned in 2 payments to stores that only recieve payouts at $300. And they want you to pay them $250.
Who is this
Constant hang ups
Who does this belong to
Pervert won't stop texting me
Just seeing who is calling me
Fake T-Mobile spam bot-phishing scam. "Lucky customer, credit on next bill, click link to claim."
Whoever this is needs to stop calling my number, it is annoying at best .
Want to no if number is legitimate
Missed call
I found this guy on CraigsList. He is using 213-342-4221 now. Same M.O.
Keeps calling,,, but says No such number
Someone called me from this phone. No answer.
I got 2 emails. Wow. Scam
Who us this
I just started talking to this guy and he says its his companys phone
First call from this number
is this a scam number
who is this
who is this