Just seeing who is calling me
I got that same email just yesterday.
This is no longer a business number, it is my personal cell number
Old friend
Came up on my cell as Cushman Wakefield. Have no idea who that is.
"Do you want some pizza?" "My name is Alyssa" *hangs up*
Missed call
Text weird messages
Pervert won't stop texting me
searching for clarity on this number
One call so far.
I have got $9000 plus my $250. People don't be scare this is real but i feel sorry for those who reject this offer, it was once in a lifetime i'm happy thst i'm the lucky girl who recieved this $9000.
whats up
Who number is this
tracking the number
Alright, I know that this is microsoft scammer beware they will try to infiltrate your computer.
They called about a federal offense if I don't call back...not sure what this is all about or is it a scam???