First call from this number
Missed call
I got the same exact email message after applying for a personal assistant job on craigslist.
Someone called me from this phone. No answer.
Who's this
I found this guy on CraigsList. He is using 213-342-4221 now. Same M.O.
called me claiming that they were the IRS
This guy is awesome.
They text me like I know them
They keep texting me spam and texting nonsense
I'm being harassed from this number, they are looking for someone, I keep telling them they have the wrong number and they will not stop contacting me. They refuse to tell me who they are or what company they work for.
I just got an answer from this for a personal assistant...same MJPline at the age of 47...bithday of june 19th using a different phone # 323-366-9933 Recycle&Draft below the number
I received two calls early this morning, one right after the other. No message was left. It is very annoying to get calls from numbers you do not know and they never leave a message.
2 calls no message
missed call no message
Came up on my cell as Cushman Wakefield. Have no idea who that is.
who is this
continues to call nerve wracking!!!!!!
Disgruntle person
Good guy