I think someone is impersonating someone on a dating site. He called me with an out of country accent. ..
they will not stop calling me. when I answer they don't say a thing and I hang up and they call right back. this has happened like 6 times today
i got it
Missed call
Whoever this is needs to stop calling my number, it is annoying at best .
Just seeing who is calling me
I got this call from this number from last week and I picked up yesterday. It's jack Foster he asked me to security deposit $250 into his account so that he can send me $9000 via a credit card. I did not do it cause I was at work but I had some kind if vibes that I should check this number . Thank god I did not give him no money or else I would have suffered heart attack. It has to stop this people find random number their addresses and call you. It's very risky.
Sewell Buick in Dallas
I got that same email just yesterday.
no comment
I just started talking to this guy and he says its his companys phone
Don't know who this is
this is not my number but is showing up when I call people, why?
Constant hang ups
Missed call
Yes someone from this number keeps calling me and will not say anything. And when I call the number back it just goes to voice mail. I am so upset about this I wish they would stop calling my phone
seems to be a spammer