it is rose com
I just started talking to this guy and he says its his companys phone
Disgruntle person
How us it
tracking the number
Does this guy have an accent?
They text me like I know them
Calls and hangs up
I got that same email just yesterday.
Whoever is calling from this number does not leave a voicemail which is the first clue it is a robo number or a solicitation call.
Got a call from this number but I did not complete the call because I got a bad feeling about it. I would suggest any one receiving a call from this number to file a complaint. IT IS A SCAM. I HAVE NOTIFIED THE LOCAL LAW .
searching for clarity on this number
Alright, I know that this is microsoft scammer beware they will try to infiltrate your computer.
Text weird messages
Just seeing who is calling me
Missed call
You just gotta reply and reply, keep them busy, waste there time as they did ours
Missed call