?? Who is this
My number I just wanna c what happens if u type a number in
Who does this belong to
who dis?
Robocall telemarketing
when a man heard you answer the phone (you could be a man or a woman), it is disconnected. If they heard it is a girl who answered the phone, they will continue to talk to you.
The caller is a guy who works for a fake tech support company. I stupidly gave him remote access to my computer to fix something and he stole pics from my computer and calls constantly to say how much he likes my pics. Did you call tech support? This is probably why its happening.
They are saying it's IRS and they are issuing a warrant
Asking for money
keep getting calls on t mobile cell
Absolute nusance. Frequent calls, sometimes one after the other.
robo caller scam
Called and hung up be I could answere.
this person is prank calling me
I believe it is one of those phone number reseller. Once they identify your working number they sell it to someone. It rang for times and didn't leave a message. They use a local area code to make it look like it is someone you may know.
I'm getting attachments by email and don't recognize this number so am afraid to open them. chigoe
Scammer, robot speaking.
Frequent call during theday.