spam message
keep getting this message on tmobile cell phone how tob stop?
Harassing calls
Absolute nusance. Frequent calls, sometimes one after the other.
Telemarketer scum
send me a spam fax to my land line, I dont know who these guys are or how they got my number.
?? Who is this
this person is prank calling me
when a man heard you answer the phone (you could be a man or a woman), it is disconnected. If they heard it is a girl who answered the phone, they will continue to talk to you.
Received 1 call, don't recall if it was business or not.
Scammer, robot speaking.
robo caller scam
Calls at least 5-7x a week. Clearly a fax. This is a business and becoming increasingly frustrating. Is there anyway to block a call on a landline?
whos phone number is this?
Asking for money
Calls received daily. I do not answer.
I was awakened by this person sending me a **** PIC. Not appreciated!! His face is in the pic but I have no clue who it is.
Robocall telemarketing