Dont know
scientology cult
gabrielle girl who lives in boca
Excessive calling
Unsure person is who they say they are.
I keep texting them to ask them who they are and why they keep calling and all they will do is text me saying that they are the Matrix
getting lots of hand ups from this number
Just got a called I asked who it was 3 times sounds like a recording of a girl saying It's Ashley with some company called Publishers Service. She said can you hear me? I said how did you get my number ? Then she hung up.
I got a call from this 509-361-5084.. I answered, and they hung up. I tried to call the number back, & they hung up again.
Calle risa a thief
never call me
Excessive calling
This number is bad
Don't know who is calling
I don't know what to write.
It's a man who catfish's people as "Gabrielle"