fax machine
Mairi Collender offering clown services spammer
Called me and left no message but a long silence. Probably not good.
Want to purchase your car
Yes, mine said from 27612812@envision-ink.com
Just got this number to call via text
received call. no message.
Not sure just missed call from here.
just got a text from this number asking for ss and card number
Just got a call, on my cell phone, from a guy with a heavy foreign ( suspect Indian or Pakistani) accent who asked it I remember I applied for a government grant. I said "no I did not apply for a government grant" and he hung up on me So I suspect a not very good scam artist at work .. number he called from was 620-213-9025. My caller id says its a Kansas number. Be wary!
need name
Look up
Missed call
Spams offering clown services calling their self Mairi the Clown
I got a call from the number 620-213-9025. I did not answer it but I called that number right back and it said number had been disconnected. Scam
Just got that text now, pretending to be my bank.