This is a ****ual predator!!! Be careful ladies!!!
Spams offering clown services calling their self Mairi the Clown
A wh**
Whats the name of the owner to this phone number?
i received a call stating I took a cash net loan, back in 2011. No way it was me but they had my bank account number and told me I owed $1601. they stated I was being sued and papers would be sent to my address or place of employment. I wish I could get my hands on these people!!!!!!!!!!!! Please someone tell me they stopped harassing.
They Called me 9:10pm I tried calling back and it says the number isn't in service?
Blah blah blah
Who's phone number is that ?
Need to know
need name
Just got a text that said "([WF-Bank]) ImportantMessage.Call:(678)254-0793" I didnt call back. I deleted it! Scammers I'm sure!
Stole my phone
Texted me
I received a spam call from this number and i am on the National Do Not Call Registry.
Look up
I was notified someone with this number tried to get approved for a credit card in my name.
I also got a call saying that there was a complaint being filed against you.. I called the number back and you get a voicemail. I think its a scam...
I got a call from them at 1:00 saying they were a mediation company. They did not know my name and I have taken out one loan that has been paid for. Clearly, they are a scam!