called me from craigslist ad
Got a message on my work line at 6pm (obviously calling after hours) saying a complaint was being filed against 'you'. No 'this call is for _______ or we are trying to reach _______'. Go phish somewhere else...
who is this caller
Blah blah blah
Same here ... did everyone see that it came from envision-ink.com or just mine?
Got the same text just now
message from number said. " Your account has been frozen because we are unable to validate,etc.. To avoid suspension, validate etc https://........"
Got one of the same at 7:19 also
Have received calls from this number stating that my computer has a virus. Told him I knew it was a scam and to stop calling, he said that it wasn't and that he was calling from technical support. When I told him that I didn't even own a computer, he hung up on me.
A wh**
calls without leaving message
They Called me 9:10pm I tried calling back and it says the number isn't in service?
no thanks
Called me and left no message but a long silence. Probably not good.
need name
Texted me
Named Mack?