Texted me
Who's number
I got the same call from 678672@envision-ink pretending to be my bank asking me to call this number which was a recording asking for my ss#, card # and pin #. Thankfully I hung up and called my bank. It's a scammer. Don't go for their trap.
who owns this number
Look up
What location is the phone number at now?
Got a call from this number asking for my attorney name saying a claim was being filed for bank fraud and when I asked what bank they hung up
Stole my phone
Received a call tonight from this number and the caller stated he was from Windows and it was critical situation. They were receiving warnings and error messages and problems with our computer and he was a Windows technician. There were hackers from China, Uganda, and Nigeria in my computer. I told him he was a scam artist and he said no he wasn't he was calling from Alabama. The caller id said INET FIX TECHNO. I said I knew he was lying and I had seen this on the news. He said there was all kinds of things on the news and I couldn't know this was a scam. I told him not to call my number again. This area code is actually in KS and there are many reports of this caller id name and scams happening. DO NOT ALLOW these people to have any kind of access to your computer it is very dangerous. He was asking my mother for money up front as well and they can do all kinds of damage.
Received the same text at 7:19 pm Eastern I did not respond
just got a text from this number asking for ss and card number
Just hung up immediately after I said "hello?".
Spams offering clown services calling their self Mairi the Clown
Missed call
Got the same text just now
what is the name of this phone owner
It's spam for a a discount vacation resort.
Texted me