Was pretending to be my bank. They have never texted me before...
Who's this
Received the same text at 7:19 pm Eastern I did not respond
Having an affair with my husband she keeps calling me
who owns this number
Just hung up immediately after I said "hello?".
Who's phone number is that ?
What location is the phone number at now?
Just got a call, on my cell phone, from a guy with a heavy foreign ( suspect Indian or Pakistani) accent who asked it I remember I applied for a government grant. I said "no I did not apply for a government grant" and he hung up on me So I suspect a not very good scam artist at work .. number he called from was 620-213-9025. My caller id says its a Kansas number. Be wary!
Stole my phone
Yes no idea who it is
received call. no message.
Just got that text now, pretending to be my bank.
Missed call strange #
Missed call
Who is it
who is this caller
Yes, mine said from 27612812@envision-ink.com
I also got a call saying that there was a complaint being filed against you.. I called the number back and you get a voicemail. I think its a scam...
what is the name of this phone owner