i received a call stating I took a cash net loan, back in 2011. No way it was me but they had my bank account number and told me I owed $1601. they stated I was being sued and papers would be sent to my address or place of employment. I wish I could get my hands on these people!!!!!!!!!!!! Please someone tell me they stopped harassing.
What location is the phone number at now?
Got it too, didnt call
Just hung up immediately after I said "hello?".
I got face timed unexpectedly
Texted me
They said they were a mediation company and that I was being sued for not paying money back. For check fraud, loan fraud, all kinds of stuff. I never made a loan. They had my address as an address I had eight years prior. I smell a phish
Yes, mine said from 27612812@envision-ink.com
fax machine
they must be on a roll...got the same one... "([WF-Bank]) ImportantMessage.Call:(678)254-0793"
Scammer acting like i scammed and trying scare me into something
clown services?weirdos dont answer dem
It's spam for a a discount vacation resort.
I got the same call from 678672@envision-ink pretending to be my bank asking me to call this number which was a recording asking for my ss#, card # and pin #. Thankfully I hung up and called my bank. It's a scammer. Don't go for their trap.
called me from craigslist ad
Who's this
Look up