Got it as a text from envision-ink.com. I do not call numbers I don't know so I deleted.
What location is the phone number at now?
just got a text from this number asking for ss and card number
Text me a pic of my old truck
same here..text stated "important message" call...yeah right
Who is it
who owns this number
Texted me
who is this caller
message from number said. " Your account has been frozen because we are unable to validate,etc.. To avoid suspension, validate etc https://........"
no thanks
Got a call from this number asking for my attorney name saying a claim was being filed for bank fraud and when I asked what bank they hung up
i received a call stating I took a cash net loan, back in 2011. No way it was me but they had my bank account number and told me I owed $1601. they stated I was being sued and papers would be sent to my address or place of employment. I wish I could get my hands on these people!!!!!!!!!!!! Please someone tell me they stopped harassing.
They said they were a mediation company and that I was being sued for not paying money back. For check fraud, loan fraud, all kinds of stuff. I never made a loan. They had my address as an address I had eight years prior. I smell a phish
I don"t normally get phone calls from this number but I would like to know who they are.
Just hung up immediately after I said "hello?".
Me too, a moment ago. Gotta be a piece of crap spammer/Scammer.
I was notified someone with this number tried to get approved for a credit card in my name.
Got one of the same at 7:19 also