Received the same text at 7:19 pm Eastern I did not respond
I got the same call from 678672@envision-ink pretending to be my bank asking me to call this number which was a recording asking for my ss#, card # and pin #. Thankfully I hung up and called my bank. It's a scammer. Don't go for their trap.
Got one of the same at 7:19 also
trying to sell me burial insurance. no option to be removed. phone recording.
She is my cousin
They just laugh an hang up
Stole my phone
I was notified someone with this number tried to get approved for a credit card in my name.
It's spam for a a discount vacation resort.
I got a call from the number 620-213-9025. I did not answer it but I called that number right back and it said number had been disconnected. Scam
More scum of the planet...scam artist trying to use scare tactics over voicemails with absolutely no information given regarding this “extreme time sensitive issue”. These shit stains are nothing but scam artists. I called back just to have fun with them and when they answer I heard silence. I then heard rustling in the background almost as if they were trying to decide who would talk. Finally a man (and I use that term loosely for this piece of shit) answered finally after me saying “hello” four times. He asked “can I help you?” and I said “no you can’t help me....what you can do is stop calling my number with your scam artist bullshit and find a real fucking job!” Needless to say he had no response and quickly hung up on me. So just for shits and giggles...I decided to call back and spoke with a young man named Jeffrey who just kept telling me to “be blessed” and “God be with you”. LMAO hypocritical piece of shit stealing from people and then telling me to be blessed!? If you get a phone call from this number don’t worry. It’s bullshit in the most rawest form. If you want to answer it and have fun and tell him to fucking eat a dick.... do that too! It’s a scam 100%.
I don"t normally get phone calls from this number but I would like to know who they are.
received call. no message.
Having an affair with my husband she keeps calling me
clown services?weirdos dont answer dem
who owns this number
One time call
They Called me 9:10pm I tried calling back and it says the number isn't in service?
Missed call strange #