What location is the phone number at now?
Received the same text at 7:19 pm Eastern I did not respond
everyone call it from Skype
They said they were a mediation company and that I was being sued for not paying money back. For check fraud, loan fraud, all kinds of stuff. I never made a loan. They had my address as an address I had eight years prior. I smell a phish
Got a message on my work line at 6pm (obviously calling after hours) saying a complaint was being filed against 'you'. No 'this call is for _______ or we are trying to reach _______'. Go phish somewhere else...
Whats the name of the owner to this phone number?
Yea my wife got a call from this number. Saying we took a loan out years ago and now we are being sued bybtje company. They claimed to be a mediation company in Kansas. But we never took a loan out??? Scam or what
They will ask for your ss#
Got the same text just now
Spams offering clown services calling their self Mairi the Clown
same here..text stated "important message" call...yeah right
It's spam for a a discount vacation resort.
Mairi Collender offering clown services spammer
She is my cousin
They just laugh an hang up
Who is it
Text me a pic of my old truck
just once
I was notified someone with this number tried to get approved for a credit card in my name.