called me from craigslist ad
who called from this number
message from number said. " Your account has been frozen because we are unable to validate,etc.. To avoid suspension, validate etc https://........"
Received the same text at 7:19 pm Eastern I did not respond
Having an affair with my husband she keeps calling me
Same here ... did everyone see that it came from envision-ink.com or just mine?
Blah blah blah
It's spam for a a discount vacation resort.
Missed call
I was notified someone with this number tried to get approved for a credit card in my name.
Me too, a moment ago. Gotta be a piece of crap spammer/Scammer.
same here..text stated "important message" call...yeah right
Look up
Whats the name of the owner to this phone number?
Just got that text now, pretending to be my bank.
Who's phone number is that ?
Just got this number to call via text
I also got a call saying that there was a complaint being filed against you.. I called the number back and you get a voicemail. I think its a scam...
Got a message on my work line at 6pm (obviously calling after hours) saying a complaint was being filed against 'you'. No 'this call is for _______ or we are trying to reach _______'. Go phish somewhere else...