Here's the message I received..."Congratulations, you are one lucky customer getting a credit applicable to your next month bill, for more details visit https://tr.im/f5588"
4Chan be lurking. Ha
who is this?
did not answer
Text message from unknown number.
keep getting hang ups
Looking for friend
Who is this
Keep being called by this number
Random number called twice
Chrb t.v.
who is this
Says I called several times but never called this number
These numbers, especially ones you may not know, are probably a line that was secured by some fraudulent people/groups, such as scammers and trying to find out if the number belongs to a female or male when you answer. Other area codes may be ones from Washington state, New York, New Jersey area as well as this one from somewhere in Florida. Some come in also from Jamaica trying to scam you of your money by stating they are Publishers Clearing House, others stating that you have gotten a government grant, usually in amount of around $7,000, but are just trying to get info, etc. Be careful of such calls and check where the call is coming from for the area code and then question it. If the call comes in and you try to call it back and it states anonymous or restricted, does not give "a name" then be very wary of those calls.
this phone number belongs to the most handsome man in the world
This number calls me all the time but no one says anything on there side when I answer