Texted me saying I have a past due balance of 89? I don't? I pay everything on time. This is obviously a scammer.
Calls and leaves no message
Yes i do
Bablu danderwal 71/2amar tekri
Who did?
They say they are from a supplier idt i believe and they say they can get you two months of free service. (comed) is who they say they are supplying too. She knew a ton of information about me, which was really creepy and called a phone number that was not even connected to my account. I told her i dont want to deal with anyone but comed. I suggest you do the same. Sounds like a scam.
Keeps calling. No message.
Who is it
Who is this
I have a phone call from this number that lasted 49 minutes on October 3 to my cell 810-533-0557
Mobile missing
Charge from unknown recipient of $20.84 on my credit card.
Do what?
They called me today. No voicemail was left. No idea who it is.
who is this person