Random texts
Super early calls. .. one strange voice mail
Rude remarks
This number called and left no message
Called my house 3 times today. When I called back I had a hard time understanding the woman who answered. What I could understand is that they were calling on behalf of some police charity to help out officers and their children. At this point, I am burned out between people calling for America's Homeless Veterans and other military charities, so I just said 'no, thank you' and hung up. Wish I could have understood the name of the charity so I could Google it. I do trust the Police Benevolent Association, but that's about it for police charities. Good luck to anyone else who receives a call from these guys.
Who's number
she's my medical consultant from esurance...
Called me to verify my number but would not tell me who they were calling for, except that it was a third party company. Said they would have the company call me if I preferred. Of course I do.
I got calls from that number
Random texts from
Call came from this number around 2am. Caller would not give his name, only spewing his hate for the Democratic party and advising any Democrats will get what they deserve. This person would not allow me to advise he was not calling a home or private residence nor was he calling an affiliated political party.
just a random call.
no comment
Got the same scam also Kevin Delaney. Same number
Real estate scammer
solicito hacer compras
No calls