looking for a social security number off of a call with nothing more than a reference Number and no mention of the business name, just business office. Yea, go **** yourself. When I get ahold of them I am going to ask them for their social so we can continue the call - give me a break - complete bull**** we have to put up with these calls at all
A lot of calls and then hanging up
Prank calling me
This phone number has represented themselves as a owner of property in kissimmee florida and ask for money to be sent via mail.
trying to sell investments under the guise of "great deal for you and your company" -- NOT!
I don't know, I didn't answer the phone
who is it
Who's phone number
Super early calls. .. one strange voice mail
Someone keeps calling me from this number
Calls frequently and does not leave a message.
Hello this my phome
Who is this?
He's tall...