(980)321-9773 txt and tell a bunch of lies starting trouble with friends and family.
Rude remarks
number is harassing me
no. i want to know WHO it is
Have had multiple calls from this #. No message left. They call several times a week. What a waste to have a DNC registry.
another political caller to add to your block list.
I covered everything in the top part of the scam but the Part when you go back home and they said it'll only be within the hour just cause you don't receive it and then they say something wrong ulery send money for you didn't do something right and that's why but they don't ever send money.
Not able to call the number back
go on
Repeat offender calling and never leaving a message!!
She is a ****
Who is this
Who's phone number
I love
Please verify address of this phone number owner
call and hang up
bad guy
This number called my home; it rang 3 times and went to voicemail. No message was left. I searched the phone number, and it showed up in the street near a steak house in Charlotte, NC. I suspect it is a cell phone and is a scam.
ringing only