Nice guy...offered to help me ...when I really needed it
I get calls from this number daily.
Mobile phone of a trans gender former male, now female?
got a call from this number
they call me and asks to call back
Prank caller
Who s number is this?
Prank calling me
It was a girl on an app who wanted me to text this number...
just want to know who owns that phone number
Called and left no message like all the other scammers..👎👎👎
Some scam collection agency
looking for a social security number off of a call with nothing more than a reference Number and no mention of the business name, just business office. Yea, go **** yourself. When I get ahold of them I am going to ask them for their social so we can continue the call - give me a break - complete bull**** we have to put up with these calls at all
A Lady on October 26.2014 called cursing me because she found out that I don't take visitors in my house where she intended to rent a room from. she hunged up saying bad words to me.
They call all times of the day everyday
tera baap ko bata dunga
He is using the card by other document name jagdish parrsottam Bhai vagela