Please verify address of this phone number owner
This number called my home; it rang 3 times and went to voicemail. No message was left. I searched the phone number, and it showed up in the street near a steak house in Charlotte, NC. I suspect it is a cell phone and is a scam.
Yes keep getting calls
Makes appt and fakes. He's full of crap! Don't see.
He is p&mping girls
no voice message
Whe re you at
Got the same scam also Kevin Delaney. Same number
no comment
Owner please
looking for a social security number off of a call with nothing more than a reference Number and no mention of the business name, just business office. Yea, go **** yourself. When I get ahold of them I am going to ask them for their social so we can continue the call - give me a break - complete bull**** we have to put up with these calls at all
Who is it
amit Singh and don
No calls
Hi G db vghc
Hello this my phome