Who is this
This makes evenythirg so completely painless.
whose number
This number called and left no message
Calls frequently and does not leave a message.
Is it a fraud
plez give me phon
Yes keep getting calls
A lot of calls and then hanging up
I received a telephone call on my cell phone this morning from this outfit. They said something about credit card. I knew they were scamming so I pushed "9" to be transferred "to a live agent" as their recording promised. I spoke with a man who was extremely hard to understand. I was being recorded as I could clearly hear my voice after I spoke. I asked how to remove my number from their list and he simply HUNG UP ON ME. When I call the number back, the recording states the number is not set up to accept messages. I knew upon receipt of the recorded message that it was a scam but I thought I'd speak to their "live person" and get it tended to. Now I know. If you get a call from this number, just don't answer it. It is most definitely a SCAM. I get these calls at my office phone. Anytime you cannot call someone back, they are preying on the elderly and should be arrested and charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When I asked the gentleman who was impossible to understand what company, I believe that he mumbled Greatest Card Services. I asked him to repeat it several times, but each time he spoke in an unintelligible accent. I don't believe his accent was foreign, he deliberately spoke so as to be understood.
this number is harassing me!
Whose number?
whos number
amit Singh and don
Not sure is this keeps calling and no message
Showed up and stole money
I covered everything in the top part of the scam but the Part when you go back home and they said it'll only be within the hour just cause you don't receive it and then they say something wrong ulery send money for you didn't do something right and that's why but they don't ever send money.
Got a call o Christmas eve at 7:41! Am About a job.....
who is it
I dont know you