bad guy
Stalker mentally deranged ****got
Does this phone belong to Sharp IT Consulting in Plano, TX?
CPA Firm South Florida
looking for a social security number off of a call with nothing more than a reference Number and no mention of the business name, just business office. Yea, go **** yourself. When I get ahold of them I am going to ask them for their social so we can continue the call - give me a break - complete bull**** we have to put up with these calls at all
Yea but she is hot
they keep crank calling me
just want to know who owns that phone number
Prank caller
Searching for my father
I love taking calls from cici I love her so much.
Some scam collection agency
fax number to dr office
who is this
Got a call from this number and want to know who it is
Random callers! Did it answer! They just keep calling