Looking for a free place to stay. Says is female. Has gf. Sounds shady
Received the call twice, answered it today, it's a recording in from Rite Aid Pharmacy that I visited this week.
Want to know the caller
it might be something im trying to look up
Keep receiving these message. Please block them. People need to stop trying to con people.
They hung up. Kept on calling.
It was a girl on an app who wanted me to text this number...
What is the owners name
weird called me asking for nufo??? and then asked who i was without himself identifying himself first
Telemarketing scam
Swho does it belong to?
no voice message
who is this
He is using the card by other document name jagdish parrsottam Bhai vagela
She is a ****
There is never anyone who speaks on the other end.
making threats
another political caller to add to your block list.
Who s number is this?