plez give me phon
trying to sell investments under the guise of "great deal for you and your company" -- NOT!
this number is harassing me!
Who is this
beware debt collector called me today threatening legal action if I do not pay up. They are getting incessant and very rude with my husband.
Received a couple of phone messages from this number stating my file was placed on his desk. Did not leave a name. Who is this?
Repeat offender calling and never leaving a message!!
Someone keeps calling me from this number
Searching for my father
Makes appt and fakes. He's full of crap! Don't see.
They call all times of the day everyday
Stalker mentally deranged ****got
I received a telephone call on my cell phone this morning from this outfit. They said something about credit card. I knew they were scamming so I pushed "9" to be transferred "to a live agent" as their recording promised. I spoke with a man who was extremely hard to understand. I was being recorded as I could clearly hear my voice after I spoke. I asked how to remove my number from their list and he simply HUNG UP ON ME. When I call the number back, the recording states the number is not set up to accept messages. I knew upon receipt of the recorded message that it was a scam but I thought I'd speak to their "live person" and get it tended to. Now I know. If you get a call from this number, just don't answer it. It is most definitely a SCAM. I get these calls at my office phone. Anytime you cannot call someone back, they are preying on the elderly and should be arrested and charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When I asked the gentleman who was impossible to understand what company, I believe that he mumbled Greatest Card Services. I asked him to repeat it several times, but each time he spoke in an unintelligible accent. I don't believe his accent was foreign, he deliberately spoke so as to be understood.
yes and they are making comments
Mobile phone of a trans gender former male, now female?
Just got a call from that number