I covered everything in the top part of the scam but the Part when you go back home and they said it'll only be within the hour just cause you don't receive it and then they say something wrong ulery send money for you didn't do something right and that's why but they don't ever send money.
want to know if mobile
I received texts
Owner please
Looking for contact person
Repeatedly calling me.
number is harassing me
This phone number has represented themselves as a owner of property in kissimmee florida and ask for money to be sent via mail.
this number called me to day and i dont know anyone from this areacode. It just seems fishy that they didnt even leave a message.
i always get calls from this number
Who is this?
Who's this
I got an SMS.
Call came from this number around 2am. Caller would not give his name, only spewing his hate for the Democratic party and advising any Democrats will get what they deserve. This person would not allow me to advise he was not calling a home or private residence nor was he calling an affiliated political party.
they keep crank calling me
Random text
who is this?